M.A.S.K. Posters Are Back!

M.A.S.K. Posters Pre-Order M.A.S.K. Posters: Spectrum - Matt Trakker M.A.S.K. Posters: Viper - Miles Mayhem

M.A.S.K. Sears Wishbook 1985

If these posters were available in the 1985 Sears Wishbook…

Back by popular demand! The M.A.S.K. Posters are now available for pre-order starting today and will begin shipping out of the HQ on August 18th. This new open edition weighs in at 12″ x 16″ and is printed on heavy 15pt sparkling metallic pearl stock. They are priced to fly at $20 bucks a pop + shipping and handling.

These posters sold out when I originally printed a limited run at 18″ x 24″ a couple years back, so for those who missed out last time, this is a golden opportunity to grab one or both.

All posters will be deployed with 3 Pants Points, stickers, and other good stuff. Claim your here.

Introducing Pants Points

Pants Points

Attention troops! Everyone who purchases some Dangerous Goods from the store will now be issued Official Pants Points. You heard right, they’re OFFICIAL.

Inspired by “Flag Points” from the glory days of G.I. Joe, Pants Points have been meticulously designed in the PantsCo Workshop for several weeks. Everything has been scrutinized, from the finished size and shape to the fool-proof point redemption infrastructure – and they’re finally ready to roll out.

G.I. Joe Flag Points

G.I. Joe Flag Points: the inspiration behind Pants Points

Later this year PantsCo Direct will feature its first-ever “exclusive” email-in offer. This offer will not be “available in stores”, in other words, you won’t be able to buy it. The only way to get your hands on it will be with through the use of Pants Points (while supplies last of course).

Here’s how it works: Each Pants Points Card comes in either 1 Point or 3 Point denominations. They all include a unique code on the rear of the card, which is redeemable for the amount of points displayed on the front side. With me so far? Good. When an exclusive offer is posted via this site, Twitter, and Facebook, PantsCo Team Members* can email the P.O. Box address on the back with the number of codes it takes to equal the Points requirement for that offer.

For example, to redeem a 6-Point offer you’d need to email one of three combinations: 2 codes from the backs of two separate 3 point cards -OR- 6 codes from the backs of six separate 1 Point cards -OR- one code from the back of a 3 point card plus 3 separate codes from the backs of three 1 point cards. You get the idea, pretty simple.

In addition, shipping and handling will be FREE of charge for these premium offers. We want to treat you guys right.

Pants Points Card Back

For everyone who’s ordered some Goods from the start of last week’s sale through today, good news! You’ll be the very first to land yourself some Official Pants Points. All those orders will hit the shipping airways by this weekend so keep your eyes peeled.

Oh, and there’s a little something coming next week for those who’ve been quietly demanding it. What you ask? Let’s just say we’ve been working “overtime” on it. Stay tuned!

* – Everyone who purchases from PantsCo is officially part of the Team.

Rad! Poster for Pinchflat

Rad! Poster for Pinchflat Columbus

Being new to Columbus, Ohio I wanted to get involved in things right off the bat. Within a few weeks of arriving, I attended a meeting for Pinchflat, an annual bike-themed poster show here in town. Now I’m not what you’d call a “bicycle enthusiast” by any means, but I did my fair share of BMX-ing back in the day. I took a quick peek at a pile of posters from previous Pinchflats and noticed a surprising lack of BMX representation. I saw this as a perfect opportunity for me to bring some of that radical 80’s BMX culture to the table.

Wait, did I just say radical? As in “RAD!”? You know it.

RAD! was one of my favorites from way back. I watched it again recently in all its cheesy glory and I still love it. How can you not?

Don’t answer that.

I spent quite a bit of time cruising around my hometown of East Aurora, New York on my Stu Thomsen HUFFY as a young punk. Man, I really miss that bike. I even had a Ghostbusters logo sticker I snagged from the local bike shop precariously adhered to the plastic seat. There were so many perilous adventures building bike trails in the woods, jumping into ponds of mud, riding with gangs of other BMX-wielding kids while causing general mischief in the neighborhood. Good times.

Here’s an ad from 1984 for the bike in question, I was into that thing just like Pee Wee was obsessed with his big, red monstrosity. We were inseparable.

1 + 1 = AWESOME / Stu Thomsen HUFFY BMX

Pinchflat Columbus


Rad! Hand-Painted Lettering

The posters are currently on display at Roll here in Columbus and are available all summer long at $30 apiece, or for as long as they last. RAD! is a limited edition of 40 prints, only 30 of which are available to the public. It’s a 3-color screen print on 110lb Smart White French Paper.

I’ll have more in-depth look at the process of the RAD! poster in the Workshop when it goes live coming up soon. Stay tuned!

Website Redesign: Phase I

All-NEW Paul Pants

Welcome to the all-new PaulPants.com! I’ve worked my fingers to the bone over the last few weeks completely rebuilding this site from scratch. You’re looking at Phase I, where I’ve focused mainly on the blog and the standard accompanying pages (About, Contact, etc.).

I’ve taken a different approach to presenting content by overhauling the Category structure and implementing the use of Tags for the first time. Basically, the Categories have been simplified and consolidated, whereas the Tags are used to add a more specific level of filtering. Just as it should be.

Paul Pants Post Sections

But that’s not all, contained within the top level Categories are a few I refer to as “Sections”. These can be easily seen on the right side of new Archives page. In adding these Post Sections, I was able to more clearly build out the Category structure and rethink the way I present content here on the site. A more clearly and concisely categorized system.

The main goal of the redesign is to focus on sharing a more comprehensive view of my process and influences, and it all starts with the blog. “Work” and “Goods” will be top priorities, everything else will be secondary, but not without importance. “Influence“, for example, will delve into the who’s, what’s, and where’s of who I am and how I came to be this way (the good, the bad, and the downright ugly).

Phase II will roll out in the next couple weeks and will feature the all-new “Workshop”. This will be a sortable portfolio where each project is presented in a process-oriented, art directed manner. It will launch with some of my more recent work and I’ll add new and older projects over the coming weeks until all of my best work is stationed there. In the meantime, you can visit my Behance profile to view my current portfolio.

For everyone who visits the blog, thanks for being patient over the last couple months and for being a part of this journey from day one. I’m stoked to share the next chapter with you and can’t wait to show you guys what’s up next!

Headin’ North for FITC Toronto

FITC Toronto 2014

I’m hitting the road today for Toronto to hang out at FITC. I attended this conference back in 2012 and had an absolute blast. Good times with some great, talented people. Looking forward to doing it again. I’ll be on Twitter, Instagram, and the Facebook page whenever I have access to WiFi, posting pics and lame commentary.

Aside: You may notice the new look to the site, I have been working feverishly behind-the-scenes to get this new platform up and running. I made this thing live while I’m in Toronto, but there’s a whole lot more work to do when I get back. Awesome things on the way!