Sear Wishbook Star Wars: Empire Stikes Back

Sears Wishbook G.I. Joe 1982

Sears Wishbook Transformers 1985

The minute the Sears Wishbook landed on our doorstep, the Christmas countdown had officially begun. My brother and I would spend weeks leading up to the big day sifting through the Wishbook, JCPenney’s, and Montgomery Ward catalogs; circling everything we wanted that year. Needless to say, those books were in pretty rough shape by the time Christmas eve rolled around.

I love reminiscing about those days when things were so much simpler and my imagination was on hyper-drive. The sheer anticipation of Christmas morning is something I definitely miss these days, nothing has really ever come close to that feeling.

James White came across this amazing Flickr page full of hi-res scans from Christmas catalogs, these are a few of my favorite pages from when I was a youngster. Enjoy…have a Merry Christmas everyone!