M.A.S.K. Poster Giveaway

M.A.S.K. Matt Trakker / Spectrum Poster

M.A.S.K. Miles Mayhem / Viper Poster

M.A.S.K. Poster Giveaway

Alright children of the 80’s, here’s your chance to snag one of the few Swivelarms M.A.S.K. posters I had printed up last week. There’s been tremendous interest in these posters since I unleashed them a few months back and I finally decided that it was time to them into people’s hands. There’s only 20 of these bad boys in existence ( 10 of each ) and they are all hand signed and numbered accordingly. 1 lucky duck will land the Matt Trakker: Spectrum poster, while another will get the extra-evil Miles Mayhem: Viper version. That’s 2 posters, 2 winners. I will make the decision on who gets which. The posters are both 18″ x 24″ and are printed on super-thick 100# semi-gloss poster stock.

I’ll be carting the remaining posters up to Montreal Meets this weekend, if you happen to be attending and are interested in purchasing one, track me down. Any remaining posters may find themselves in the Shop next week, stay tuned for more on that once I return from the Northern badlands.

To enter your name is simple: leave a comment on this post. Multiple comments will only be counted once. The Giveaway wraps up on Thursday April 5th at 12pm EST. I’ll be announcing the winners later that evening…

So leave a comment to get yourself in the running. Good luck to everyone!

** The Giveaway is officially closed for entries, I’ll be posting the winners this evening via Twitter, thanks to everyone who participated! **