Jenn Droid TV Guide Poster

Here’s another Jenn Droid piece I created for Rob Imbs’ upcoming independent film, Game Changers. I decided to have some fun with the context of this poster and pay tribute to one of my favorite publications while growing up in the 80’s: TV Guide. Back then, it was the only way to know what was going to be on television and when. Without it you were completely in the dark. I used to love the Fall Preview guides when they showed up in the mail; sifting through them to find out what new shows would be debuting in a few weeks. So much fun.

I thought it would be funny to do an ad for a mock Jenn Droid Saturday Morning Cartoon. I mean, an animated show about a murderous robot hooker? I definitely would have watched that as a kid. In the process, I also got to make some of those cool television station number graphics. I can finally check that off the design bucket list.

It’s a really basic composition, but they usually were in the ‘ol TV Guide and I wanted to stay true to that. I did add some color, which was rarely seen on the insides of these little books, but it made sense in this case. Below are a few examples of my inspiration from TV Guide magazines, in case you are tragically too young to remember them. I found these over on the amazing Branded in the 80’s site. If you love the 1980’s as much as I do, that kick ass site should be a daily read.

TV Guide Fall Preview 1982

TV Guide Star Wars Wonder Woman

TV Guide GoBots

TV Guide Star Cade

TV Guide Airwolf Mr. T