Released last week by Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Wordburglar; Welcome to Cobra Island hit me harder than Wild Weasel smoking a MOBAT in a Rattler tank smasher. I simply can’t stop rocking this thing.

The album samples the best theme music from the original Sunbow animated series and the lyrics are in-depth and superb, as one would come to expect from a guy named Wordburglar. Each track plays a part in canvassing much of the best G.I. Joe lore from the 80’s; the rhymes are airtight and delivered with surgical precision. This is top shelf hip hop.

The entire album is a free download, but I ponied up the dough to purchase the jewel-cased version because the album is just straight-up awesome. If you’re a true ‘Joe’ fan, I challenge you to do the same, this dude deserves our support for doing such a kick ass job putting this project together. Big thanks to my buddy Eric of Dartmouth Clothing Company for giving me the heads up on this thing.

On a personal note, I’ve been posting about 80’s nostalgia for a couple years now, but I’ve purposely avoided the G.I. Joe topic until now. The 80’s ‘Joe’ era means so much to me that I found it tough to find the right words; it was the single biggest influence on me as a kid, so correctly conveying the weight of that is truly a tall order.

The cartoon was cool, although campy, and the toys were obviously amazing, but the real magic was in the Marvel comic book series written by Larry Hama and Chuck Dixon. Those stories were what did the trick, they were rocket fuel for the imagination. The intricate plots and complex character backstories kept me coming back for more month after month.

This album hits all the right chords when referencing that original paperback material and has inspired me to finally post about my personal holy grail. So much so, that I’m preparing to unleash a blistering barrage of other ‘Joe’ related posts that I’ve started to write over the months, but never finished. So ready or not…here it comes. Yo Joe.