Mountain King Poster - NEStalgia Art Show

I’m proud to announce my contribution to the NEStalgia art show at the Dart Gallery in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. The show’s theme is old school video games, so I went all-in on a wicked game from way back in the early 80’s: Mountain King.

Here’s some back story:

Mountain King for ATARI Box

In 1983, my parents picked up ‘Mountain King’ for our ATARI 2600. It immediately made it’s way into my normal rotation of game play, mainly for the cool, creepy music.

Music in a video game was a big deal back then.

Mountain King for ATARI Ad : 1983

In a strange turn of events, my mother became completely obsessed with the game. She played it until the wee hours of the morning night after night…after night. I can recall laying awake in the darkness, unable to sleep, and paralyzed in bed with fear. My imagination conjured up evil imagery as the game’s sinister music continuously crawled up the stairs during my mom’s relentless quest to defeat it. The sleepless nights added up, and I never played ‘Mountain King’ again.

Thanks, mom.

Alright, alright…enough picking on my mom, haha.

The reason I chose such a seemingly obscure game for my poster is two-fold. First off, it needed to be relevant to my childhood, something from my memory that held some special meaning to me. As you know, from my story above, ‘Mountain King’ fits the bill in that department. Check.

Secondly, my desire was to avoid the usual suspects like Mario, Zelda, MegaMan, and the lot. Not that there’s anything wrong with choosing any of those games, of course; I just wanted my poster to be something a little “left of center”. Something I could be relatively certain that no one else would’ve also chosen for their piece.

Outside a few contributions, I have absolutely no idea who did what for the show, but I’d be positively shocked if anyone else showed up with any ‘Mountain King’ themed artwork. Double check.

Mountain King Poster Screen Print Detail

Mountain King Poster Signature Detail

‘Mountain King’ was constructed entirely in Adobe Illustrator and is screen printed on 110lb French Smartwhite paper. Thick, sturdy stuff. Bright colors. I’m super-pumped at how these turned out.

The posters measure 16″ x 24″ and are a limited edition of 20, all hand numbered and signed by me. They will be available at the show from opening day on Friday, March 21st until it closes on March 30th. Once the show officially wraps up, I’ll be selling the remaining stock through the shop. Posters will be $25 apiece at the gallery.

For more info on the show, head on over the NEStalgia Facebook Page.