Pants Points

Attention troops! Everyone who purchases some Dangerous Goods from the store will now be issued Official Pants Points. You heard right, they’re OFFICIAL.

Inspired by “Flag Points” from the glory days of G.I. Joe, Pants Points have been meticulously designed in the PantsCo Workshop for several weeks. Everything has been scrutinized, from the finished size and shape to the fool-proof point redemption infrastructure – and they’re finally ready to roll out.

G.I. Joe Flag Points

G.I. Joe Flag Points: the inspiration behind Pants Points

Later this year PantsCo Direct will feature its first-ever “exclusive” email-in offer. This offer will not be “available in stores”, in other words, you won’t be able to buy it. The only way to get your hands on it will be with through the use of Pants Points (while supplies last of course).

Here’s how it works: Each Pants Points Card comes in either 1 Point or 3 Point denominations. They all include a unique code on the rear of the card, which is redeemable for the amount of points displayed on the front side. With me so far? Good. When an exclusive offer is posted via this site, Twitter, and Facebook, PantsCo Team Members* can email the P.O. Box address on the back with the number of codes it takes to equal the Points requirement for that offer.

For example, to redeem a 6-Point offer you’d need to email one of three combinations: 2 codes from the backs of two separate 3 point cards -OR- 6 codes from the backs of six separate 1 Point cards -OR- one code from the back of a 3 point card plus 3 separate codes from the backs of three 1 point cards. You get the idea, pretty simple.

In addition, shipping and handling will be FREE of charge for these premium offers. We want to treat you guys right.

Pants Points Card Back

For everyone who’s ordered some Goods from the start of last week’s sale through today, good news! You’ll be the very first to land yourself some Official Pants Points. All those orders will hit the shipping airways by this weekend so keep your eyes peeled.

Oh, and there’s a little something coming next week for those who’ve been quietly demanding it. What you ask? Let’s just say we’ve been working “overtime” on it. Stay tuned!

* – Everyone who purchases from PantsCo is officially part of the Team.