Hello, I’m Paul Panfalone aka Paul Pants, Owner and Creative Director of the Paul Pants Design Company (PantsCo for short). As the one man A-Team at PantsCo, I create all brand-related and client output for the studio.

I’ve spent over a decade in the design industry with experience in art direction, illustration, marketing and advertising, event promotions, consulting, character design, product development, packaging, branding, style guidelines, infographics, and web development.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with several well-known brands over the years, a partial list includes: Apple, United Airlines, Swell, Active Ride Shop, ProSound, University at Buffalo, Kinex Pharmaceuticals, Unicell, and ICC Compliance Center.

After cutting my teeth in the design world, I found myself increasingly eager to branch out and do my own thing. I wanted to have the creative freedom to develop ideas and products that were entirely my own, instead of only helping others to sell theirs.

I’ve laid the foundation for PantsCo to be a platform that allows me to do just that; a studio where I can spend as much time establishing my own brand as I do teaming up with clients. So far, so good.

About – Paul Pants – 5 Years Old


My brother and I began drawing when we were very young, quickly becoming known in school as the “artistic” kids. We set up shop in our grandparents basement and put together a makeshift comic book studio. We spent countless hours planning and illustrating complete graphic novels, from rough pencils to lettering and finished colors. All of this entirely by hand, our family didn’t even own a computer back then. Together we developed an entire universe of characters (like the ones below) and a complex mythology that we still discuss to this day.

Paul Pants – Old Drawings


Man, was I lucky to have grown up in the 1980’s. It was truly the raddest decade to be a kid. Painted toy packaging, lightning and chrome adorned album covers, wicked skateboard decks, mind-blowing arcade games, cartoons and movies, the list goes on and on; the flood of visual imagery from that era jumpstarted my imagination early on. DNA from all these childhood influences works its way into everything I create at PantsCo.

About Paul Pants 1980’s
About – Paul Pants – Goods
About – Paul Panfalone – Paul Pants – Drawing


After acquiring two graphic design degrees and subsequently working in the trenches, I gave my passion a much needed boost by rediscovering my love for illustration. In returning to my roots, I brushed off the rust by drawing some of the pop culture iconography from my past. I had a blast doing it, and have now shifted my focus toward original work, including teaming up with my brother to bring some of our childhood creations back to life. I’ve now come full circle, and I’m enjoying every second of it.

"A belief in working with the head, hand and heart and mixing enough play with the work so that every task is pleasurable and makes for health and happiness." - John Ruskin


MCA Portrait – Versus Magazine Interview


The fellas over at Versus Mag in the UK were cool enough to include an interview with me in their Summer 2013 Issue. You can check it out here:

Versus Mag Summer 2013

M.A.S.K. Matt Trakker – M.A.S.K.ast Interview


Jason and Wyatt of the MASKast invited me to join them as a guest on their podcast, which I was honored to do. Listen to it here:

MASKast Episode 16


I make an effort to attend design lectures and events in order to stay up-to-date and inspired. It’s also nice to hang out with some friends in the design industry that I don’t have a chance to see otherwise. Here’s a list of the major events I’ve attended over the last few years.

Weapons of Mass Creation 2011

Cleveland, Ohio

Montreal Meets 2012

Montreal, Quebec CA

Weapons of Mass Creation 2013

Cleveland, Ohio

FITC 2012

Toronto, Ontario CA

Weapons of Mass Creation 2012

Cleveland, Ohio

FITC 2014

Toronto, Ontario CA


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