2014 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair

Buffalo Small Press Book Fair 2014

After a one-year hiatus, I’ll be back at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair this year; it’ll be my fourth appearance at this awesome, home-grown annual event. I always have a kick-ass time at these things, meeting people and shaking hands, hope to see some familiar faces this time around. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen many of my friends from the mean streets of Buffalo. So stoked.

Here are the crucial details:

When: Sunday April 6th, 11am – 5pm
Where: Karpeles Manuscript Library, 453 Porter Avenue Buffalo, NY
Cover: FREE
Donate: If you’d like to make a contribution to the event, you can back it on Kickstarter.

Buffalo Small Press Book Fair Posters Stickers 2014

I’ll be peddling some seriously Dangerous Goods, including the Zartan poster and the Mountain King screen-print I created for the NEStalgia Art Show in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Everything will be marked down to special up-close, in-person prices. So if you live in the Western New York region, swoop in and get ‘em cheap on Sunday!

Can’t wait to come hang-out and see you guys, first one to hit me with a wicked hi-five get’s a free Street Justice sticker. See you Sunday, Buffalo!

Old & New Project

Old & New Project Poster

Here we go! I’m proud and excited to unveil my piece for the newest round of the Old & New Project. When I was asked to take part in this awesome project and join the ranks of some real kick-ass, top-notch artists; I jumped at the chance. Truly honored to be included.

You can read all the fine details of the Old & New Project over on their About Page, lots of great insight into the why’s and how’s of the project. Personally, this part stood out to me the most:

Old & New is not an attempt to convert folks or create religious propaganda. In order to take a new look at this old book, we want, in fact we need, artists from all types of faith perspectives. That may include different religious backgrounds, those who have had a really negative experience with the church, agnostics and atheists.

Even though I attended Catholic grade school, nobody would mistake me for a religious guy. The Church and religion just aren’t my thing, I’m more interested in science. However, I do have a deep respect for human history, and undoubtedly, religion plays a huge part in that.

The theme of this round of the project is “Sex, Love and Romance”. Heck yea, man. Having the opportunity to tackle such a potentially taboo topic made this challenge even more intriguing. The passages assigned to artists this time around were from Song of Solomon.

Here’s mine, SONG OF SOLOMON 5:2-6:

I slept but my heart was awake.

Listen! My beloved is knocking:
“Open to me, my sister, my darling,
my dove, my flawless one.
My head is drenched with dew,
my hair with the dampness of the night.”

I have taken off my robe—
must I put it on again?
I have washed my feet—
must I soil them again?

My beloved thrust his hand through the latch-opening;
my heart began to pound for him.

I arose to open for my beloved,
and my hands dripped with myrrh,
my fingers with flowing myrrh,
on the handles of the bolt.

I opened for my beloved,
but my beloved had left; he was gone.

My heart sank at his departure.
I looked for him but did not find him.
I called him but he did not answer.

Hmmm. After reading through the passage several times, I came to only one conclusion. Self-stimulation. I read it again,  “. . . and my hands dripped with myrrh, my fingers with liquid myrrh, on the handles of the bolt.” Yup.

Old & New Project Poster Detail

Now maybe this was a woman’s erotic dream, but either way, the self-stimulation part holds true. The myrrh leaf quickly became the focal point of my design. The rest I’ll leave to your imagination.

Prints are available for sale on the Old & New Project Storefront, and the best part of this whole thing is that the proceeds from sales will go entirely to charity. Donations from this round of the project will help fund a permaculture farming course for Haitian 4th graders. How awesome is that?

I love what I do, but being able to contribute something that can potentially help those in need really puts things into perspective. Pumped I could play a small part.

Mountain King

Mountain King Poster - NEStalgia Art Show

I’m proud to announce my contribution to the NEStalgia art show at the Dart Gallery in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. The show’s theme is old school video games, so I went all-in on a wicked game from way back in the early 80’s: Mountain King.

Here’s some back story:

Mountain King for ATARI Box

In 1983, my parents picked up ‘Mountain King’ for our ATARI 2600. It immediately made it’s way into my normal rotation of game play, mainly for the cool, creepy music.

Music in a video game was a big deal back then.

Mountain King for ATARI Ad : 1983

In a strange turn of events, my mother became completely obsessed with the game. She played it until the wee hours of the morning night after night…after night. I can recall laying awake in the darkness, unable to sleep, and paralyzed in bed with fear. My imagination conjured up evil imagery as the game’s sinister music continuously crawled up the stairs during my mom’s relentless quest to defeat it. The sleepless nights added up, and I never played ‘Mountain King’ again.

Thanks, mom.

Alright, alright…enough picking on my mom, haha.

The reason I chose such a seemingly obscure game for my poster is two-fold. First off, it needed to be relevant to my childhood, something from my memory that held some special meaning to me. As you know, from my story above, ‘Mountain King’ fits the bill in that department. Check.

Secondly, my desire was to avoid the usual suspects like Mario, Zelda, MegaMan, and the lot. Not that there’s anything wrong with choosing any of those games, of course; I just wanted my poster to be something a little “left of center”. Something I could be relatively certain that no one else would’ve also chosen for their piece.

Outside a few contributions, I have absolutely no idea who did what for the show, but I’d be positively shocked if anyone else showed up with any ‘Mountain King’ themed artwork. Double check.

Mountain King Poster Screen Print Detail

Mountain King Poster Signature Detail

‘Mountain King’ was constructed entirely in Adobe Illustrator and is screen printed on 110lb French Smartwhite paper. Thick, sturdy stuff. Bright colors. I’m super-pumped at how these turned out.

The posters measure 16″ x 24″ and are a limited edition of 20, all hand numbered and signed by me. They will be available at the show from opening day on Friday, March 21st until it closes on March 30th. Once the show officially wraps up, I’ll be selling the remaining stock through the shop. Posters will be $25 apiece at the gallery.

For more info on the show, head on over the NEStalgia Facebook Page.

NEStalgia Art Show

NEStalgia Art Show

I’m stoked to announce my participation in another Dart Gallery art show in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. This time around the theme is old school video games; it’s call NEStalgia. Right up my alley, man.

Here’s the full lowdown:

NEStalgia is a new art exhibit inspired by vintage video games. Featuring the work of 25+ acclaimed local artists and designers, this exhibit will showcase artwork in a wide variety of mediums – from prints and posters, to paintings, jewelry, and textiles, this exciting new show is sure to inspire, animate, and evoke NEStalgia – bringing back fond memories of the video games that influenced and enhanced our lives. Exhibit runs until March 30.

For my contribution, I picked a gem of a game from my past; waaaaay, way back from the old ATARI 2600 days. I’ve just had those suckers screen printed here in Columbus, and shipped ‘em out today destined for the Great White North. Super excited about how these turned out.

I’ll be debuting the poster here on the blog the week of the show and make some available through my shop soon afterward. Can’t wait to share this one with you guys; pumped! Keep those 8-bit-eyes peeled here and on Twitter for more…

‘Collect ‘em All’ Furiously Rolling Along

Hi-Fi gif

Visionaries Print Ad

Garbage Pail Kids Trading Card: V.C. Arnie

Bravestarr Poster

G.I. Joe Cobra Water Moccasin Box Art

WWF Trading Card: Mr. Perfect

Dead Image

Chevrolet Z-24

BMX Bandits Film Title

April O'Neil gif from TMNT Arcade Game

Back in 2011, I launched the Collect ‘em All Tumblr feed. The general idea was to collect a truckload of inspirational imagery from my childhood all in one convenient place. That way, I could sneak a peek at them anytime, anywhere.

Collect ‘em All got off to a decent start, but after a few weeks, I stopped updating it. The time I was spending locating images to resize or scan was too cumbersome, I just didn’t have the time for it. What I didn’t realize, until only recently, was that hadn’t been taking advantage of Tumblr’s sharing capabilities…at all. What a dummy.

I finally began following other blogs with similar interests, like James White’s UziCopter. Now, I no longer have to do all the heavy lifting myself. I can easily collect images from other Tumblr blogs, while adding my own whenever I have the time to do so. Perfect.

I’ve been rolling along at a furious pace ever since, creating an ever-expanding internet mood board for myself. 

If you dig wicked 80’s style imagery as much as I do, give it a look see right here. Rock on.